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Dancers, like the Emcee, are instrumental in running, and transitioning the party, and they also help keep your guests on their feet and dancing. This is especially the case in a party with kids, or young adults, who tend to be shy. So, if you're worried your guests won't get up to dance, worry no more, Dancers are the choice for you! After all, what is a party without dancing?!?!
Simply Entertainment - Caricaturist
If you're not impressed yet, you’ll surely be dazzled by our top of the line Caricaturists, and their wonderful drawings. Their hilarious depictions of guests serve as party favors, and are a great form of entertainment overall!
Simply Entertainment - Mentalist/Illusionist
Many have not had the pleasure of witnessing a Mentalist/Illusionist in action, and having one at your event will no doubt leave the bulk of your guests in sheer awe, and wondering when they can have a party of their own with a Mentalist or Illusionist.
Simply Entertainment - Instrumental Band
Instrumental Band
The Instrumental Band is a more classic form of entertainment, but is great for special occasions and more mature crowds. Overall the Instrumental band is an affordable, and great way to make your party more unique and enjoyable for all.
Simply Entertainment - Staging
Simply Entertainment - TableTop Games
Games for Kids
Simply Entertainment - Graffiti Art
Graffiti Artist
Simply Entertainment - Party Favors
Party Favors
Simply Entertainment - Lounge Decor
Lounge Decor
Simply Entertainment - TVs & Trussing
TVs & Trussing
Simply Entertainment - Elite Entertainers
Elite Entertainers
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